Thursday, October 20, 2011

Herbert Pack (Part 2 of Conversation With Vernon Pack)

Vernon and I spoke at length about his father, Herbert Pack, over the phone.

Me: What was your dad like?

Vernon: He had a sense humor - he had a way of getting people laughing.... He had a bad leg. He was a barber in the community.... He charged 10 cents sometimes.

This man would always go to sleep while dad would speak. Dad told me 'go bring my shaver and soap. I'll fix him good.' He shaved him bald!

'Herb, you cut me bald head!' said the man.

'It been a good haircut if I hadn't run out of hair,' his father replied.

Another story:

Lewis Harvey came in. He let everyone know he was 50 years old.

His dad: ' Lewis, congratulations, but you say you're 50. How does that compare to a half century?'

'Bout 20 years difference,' said Lewis.

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