Thursday, January 31, 2013

Children of Cleopatra Harvey

   Notes from Vernon 1/31/2013:

      Cleopatra Boyd Harvey Pack was called Pate by her family.  She was married to Andrew Jackson Pack.

      Her children Vernon recalls:  Ester Eunice Pack, Omer Pack, Ralph (children of Cleopatra and Andrew Pack), daughters:  Ethel (called by the family "little Ethel), Annie (married Fred Russell).

Omer married Lorna.  Lorna was the daughter of Ali (pronounced A-lye) Lilly and Teneria (pronounced Tin-era).

Ester married Ora Cooper

Ralph married Lydia Johnson (father Abraham Johnson)  The Adkins/Harvey cemetery was once the Johnson family cemetery by name (at Streeter).

Ethel never married.  She was a spinster.

  There were other children, but Vernon doesn't recall them off the top of his head.