Monday, April 23, 2012

West Virginia School Journals, Deeds, Johnson, Hudgins, Gwinn, Lowe, Clark, Basham

   Sorry for my absence... work, work, work!

   Did a quick search on Google Books this evening...just plugging in random words, names, phrases.  Typed in my Great Grandfather's name J.W. Basham (instead of his full name John Wesley Basham) and came up with some interesting material via the "West Virginia School Journal, Vol. 31" this was published in 1902 and the original (or AN original is at Harvard University)...   it includes the following:

"Be it resolved by the teachers of Summers County in the institute assembled: that we are opposed to the proposed amendment to the Constitution which provides for the limitation of the Irreducible School Fund to one million dollars.

     That the county should be made the unit for taxation for school purposes.  That the State levy should be raised from ten to twenty cents on the $100.00.  That there should be a uniform list of text books throughout the State.  That the present compulsory school law be repealed and a more effective one be enacted in lieu thereof."

     Signed.    R.L. Deeds
                     Miss S. Johnson
                     Miss. S. Hudgins
                     J.E. Gwinn
                     G.W. Lowe
                     R.W. Clark
                     J.W. Basham

Also, very interesting materials are in the journals that include information about what the teachers were teaching, issues in schools, etc.