Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Conversation With Vernon Pack

I had a great conversation the other day with Vernon Pack, age 82 of Indiana. He grew up in Streeter. For a time he lived at the A.B. Pack (sometimes referred to as "Bum" Pack) cabin that my grandfather later bought from Jim Pack.

Vernon is the son of Herbert Pack (son of George Washington Pack and grandson to Rhoda Anne Cooper Pack and Samuel Pack) and Ethel Cooper Pack.

I asked him what it was like growing up in Streeter. "I have a lot of wonderful memories," replied Vernon, "times were very tough... but people shared."

I asked him about John Wesley Alexander Basham (son of Alexander Basham and Mary Jane Pack). "He was very well known and respected in the entire county," said Vernon. "He was a shop owner, farmer, educator, post master."

He added a story involving his father Herbert and J.W. Basham:

"My father and John Wesley were good friends. John Wesley was also his uncle. He spoke in a very proper voice (Wesley). One day he came by and said, 'I want to catch a mink that's eating my chickens,' said Vernon, in an enunciated, proper tone.

'How you plan to do that, Uncle Wesley,' replied his Father.

'By setting a deadfall,' replied J.W. (a deadfall trap is usually set using sticks, and a weight such as a rock).

Herbert went with J.W. to set the trap. ' That's not gonna work,' mused Herbert, watching the way J.W. set the trap.

'I know what I am doing. Now, let it down.' Once he let the trap down the heavy rock fell on J.W.'s Hand.

"He didn't bother to take off his gloves," said Vernon. "He just licked the wound."

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