Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Graves Packe

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image: will of Graves Packe, 1731, via Library of Virginia Online

The following is taken from The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 4, by the Virginia Historical Society, 1897:

"Graves Packe, was a justice of York [York Co, VA] from 1719 and high sheriff 1726 and 1727. From the William and Mary Quaterly, Vol. II (quoting the Maryland Gazette), it appears that in May, 1765, a schooner going from York river up the bay, was lost, and that among the passengers who perished was, "Mr. Graves, son of Mrs. Sarah Packe of Williamsburg, a very hopeful youth, of about 18 years of age." Mary, daughter of Stephens Thompson, Attorney-General of Virginia, and sister of Mrs. Ann (Thompson) Mason, married first, Robert Booth, and secondly, Captain Graves Packe. She had one child by her second husband, who died in infancy. Captain Packe married secondly, Sarah -. Under date, Feb. 16, 1740, is referred to a legacy to Edward Randolph, of London, merchant ("now residing in Virginia"), under the will of Graves Pack, late of London, mariner, [pound sign] 25 virginia money. Doubtless Captain Packe, like many masters of ships, had an estate in Virginia, and
occassionally lived here."

What I can't understand is if this is the Graves Packe purportedly the father of Samuel Pack, Sr.
1. The dates I run across are that Graves was born in 1680 and died in 1723. Either these people are wrong about the dates or this isn't the same man.

2. The will states that he leaves 50 pounds to his godson Graves, son of Richard Packe

So, is this Graves the father of Samuel Pack, Sr. or is this Graves great uncle to Samuel Pack, Sr. ?


  1. Hello fellow Family researcher: My family is of the Samuel John Tilden Pack Line thru his son Winnie Henderson Pack and Jamie Lee Lilly d/o Ali Walter and Tenairie Mann Lilly. S/o Preacher Jim Bench James Floyd Lilly and Nancy Caroline Lilly.

    Well anyway, I read something in a book called "Free African Americans of NC, VA and SC Volume 1 by Paul Heinegg on Page 239 that was very interesting.
    Quoted as follows: Byrd Family - Margaret Bird born say 1682 was the servant of Orlando Jones of York Co on June 24, 1703 when she reported to the court that she had a bastard child by a Negroe and asked that she be punished. Later that year on Nov. 5th he decided not to procecute and charged dismissal. (DOW 12:123, 157.) She was the mother of two: 1. John probably born 12/24/1696; 2. Elizabeth born say 1720. John Byrd probably born 12/24/1696 was a mallatto servant who was listed with "Mallatto Servant man" Wm. Cannady in the York Co. estate of Orlando Jones on 12/15/1719. John was valued at 20 pounds and Wm. was valued at 15 pounds currency, so they still had several years to serve.
    On 1/16/1726-27 he petitioned the York Co Court setting forth that Graves Pack, Gentleman, was keeping him as a servant although he was of age and free. The court ordered him dischared from Pack's service on 12/24/1727.
    On 2/21/1731-32 he obtained an attachment against the estate of Wm. Brooks for 3 lbs. currency which was in the hands of James Brooks. (OW 16, pt. 2, 427, 433; 17:256, 262; 18:245) South Hampton Co. Isle of Wright.
    Also you are right about find a grave...Samuel Pack born 1755-1833 is listed ....and adjoined with siblings.

  2. Interesting story.

    Winnie Pack and Samuel Tilden are your great grandfathers?

  3. Winnie Pack is my dad
    Samuel John Tilden Pack gf
    Samuel ggf
    John gggf
    Matthew ggggf
    Samuel gggggf