Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rhoda Anne Pack and the Rhoda Anne Memorial Church

Rhoda Anne Cooper, born 1851, was the daughter of Alexander and Mary Anne Farmer Cooper. She married Samuel Pack (owner of Pack's Mill at Streeter) and they lived in the Streeter area. The following is taken from History of Summers County (published by the Summers County Historical Society): "Samuel and Rhoda Anne Pack were known by word and deed as true and loyal Christians. The church at Streeter was named in honor of Rhoda Anne Pack. Samuel Pack was a loyal and patriotic citizen and a member of the Primitive Baptist Church. His death on July 12, 1895 was considered a great loss to the community. Rhoda Anne died April 11, 1937 at the age of 86. They were the parents of 11 children: Lucy married John L. Wills and J. Wesley Basham*, George W. Married Louie Vest, Andrew married Cleopatra Harvey, William married Lucinda Johnson, Alfred Married Virginia West and Mary Cooper, Laura married John Lilly, Amanda married Grover Adkins, Jebediah Preston never married, Samuel married Elizabeth Dunbar, Cecil married Willie Harvey, and Effie Fay never married."
*Samuel Pack was father to Lucy and uncle to her second husband J. Wesley Basham (both were grandchildren of John Pack).
--(note: although the photo is titled 'Samuel and Rhoda Ann' in the book, I am pretty sure this was not her husband Samuel. He died around the age of 50 and the fashions they are wearing are not 1890's fashion- the era he died).


  1. This would be my great-great grandmother. I'm Cecil and Willie's great granddaughter. Their daughter being Cleo Harvey who married Robert J. Peters who had Connie Lou, Amelia Ann (name after Rhoda Ann), and Amy Lou. Amelia and Amy are twins. I'm the oldest daughter of Connie Lou, Jennifer.

  2. Sorry it's taken so long to respond to you. I'm glad you shared this and glad to meet you! We're cousins...I'm a great-great-great grandson of John R. Pack.

  3. The picture that is posted of Sam and Rhoda are not them. Grandpa Sam died at 47 in 1893.

    It is Sam Lee and Sarah Vest Pack.

    1. Right, as I state in the post, I didn't think that the photo was Sam and Rhoda Ann. This photo and discription are taken from a book. Do you happen to have a copy of an image that you can send? I would really appreciate it if you do and I'm sure other cousins would be equally thankful.

  4. I spent a lot of time in and around this Church growing up. My great-grandparents lived maybe a half mile from the church. Their names were Lester Guy Hatcher and Eula (Basham) Hatcher. I have many fond childhood memories, during the 80's and 90's, spending time there during the Streeter reunion. My grandmother is Francine (Hatcher) Combs. She's been sharing family history with me in writtings and such that she has but I'm always looking for more. If anyone has anything and would like to share I would be grateful. My email is