Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mary Draper Ingles and Indian abductors cross area

The Streeter/Ellison Ridge area was crossed by Mary Draper Ingles and her Shawnee Indian abductors on their way to an Ohio Indian camp from the Draper Meadows Settlement in Va. 1755. They followed an old Indian trail that came up the Bluestone River to where the Suck Creek empties into it, then they followed Suck Creek to Paint Creek: "From the mouth of Indian creek the Draper's Meadows party came down the river, on the west side, to the mouth of Bluestone river, when they left New river, going up Bluestone a short distance, thence crossing over Flat Top Mountain, and probably following very much the route of the present Giles, Raleigh and Fayette turnpike, to about the head of Paint creek, thence down it to the Kanawha river"---Sources:WV Archive Online (Charleston Daily Mail 1937); Douglas Wayne Harvey of Hinton (descendant of Stella Wills)

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