Monday, May 10, 2010

John Pack, Wealthy Land Owner

John Pack was born around 1809 and died in 1890. He is responsible for building "Pack's Mill" which served Streeter and the area for nearly a hundred years.

John Pack, along with Michael Harvey, owned much of the land in and around Streeter and White Oak Mountain in the mid 1800s. Many Bashams, Estridges, Harveys, Lillys, Halsteads (descendants of Ed Halstead) and Packs of Summers County can trace their roots to one of these two men or their brothers/sisters.

John married Elizabeth Dell Harvey and settled in Streeter. He had five sons and three daughters: Preston, John Jr., James, William, Samuel, Nancy, Rachel and Jane*.

Later they moved to Raleigh County where he was a successful farmer and cattleman. After Elizabeth died he married Betsy Rollyson. They were the parents of two sons and 1 daughter: Albert, Tom and Haley.--(History of Summers County, 1984 by the Summers County Historical Society, Concord University Historical Archives).

He is buried at the Pack Cemetery on Streeter Road. Descendants of John Wesley Basham should note that his second wife Lucy Pack Wills along with many of their children are buried here as well.

* Online sources show John Pack descended from Matthew Pack (son of Samuel Pack). I am unsure if a generation was omitted accidentally by Summers County history writers or if John descended directly from Samuel). Also, I am pretty sure his daughter 'Jane' was 'Mary Jane Pack' who married Alexander Basham (parents of John Wesley Basham).

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  1. The Cemetery that John is buried in is called the Pack/Vest Cemetery. If you go to find a grave you can locate headstones of most of the people buried there.