Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Doc Lilly

     The following is taken from my grandmother's notes (digital copy in photo archive) and secondary sources via the web.

      My grandmother (writing about her mother, aunts, and uncles):

"Ida Basham's [Ida Jane Albatine Lilly Basham] bros. were Sampson (Semp), Green, Dayton (Date), Joshua (Josh), Sister Melissa (Mit), Half bros. Edward (Ed), Robert (Bob), Mennon, and Joseph, half sister Roberta (Bertie).

  "Aunt Mit married Doc Lilly, had 1 son Dr. Lonnie of Flat Top."

   Doing my own research on the web I discovered that Dr. Lonnie Lilly married Sue Tickle.  They built a Queen Anne Victorian mansion on Flat Top.  It is called Mavis Manor.   There is a wiki article about it:



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