Friday, June 22, 2012

At Aunt Eula's and Uncle Lester's

    Aunt Eula (Eula Basham Hatcher) was my grandmother's half sister.  I remember as a little boy going to Aunt Eula and Uncle Lester's with Mom, Dad, Pawpaw and Mawmaw Halstead above the Rhoda Ann Church.

   Pawpaw loved to play croquet, so all the adults would set up a croquet set in the yard and they would play  for hours.

   As a little boy I would get bored and try to pull up the hoops.  Pawpaw would yell at me.  He had this distinct and authoritative tone that would frighten me.  Of course, I knew even then that I deserved the scolding.

Lester Hatcher And Eula Basham Hatcher seated.  Macy Basham
Standing behind and her dauther Bettie Basham Booth speaking with Eula
(photo taken by my mother at a Streeter Reunion)

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