Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Two Andrew Lewis Lillies

This is a photo of Andrew Lewis Lilly and his family around 1900 that I just came across. This is the Andrew Lewis Lilly who was son of Wilson Lilly, and grandson to Snakebite Lilly.

I had to make a correction on my page, and of course, I needed to announce here the same correction. About a year ago I found a photo online that showed just Andrew (the same one). But then I came across the full photo. This is not my great great grandfather Andrew Lewis Lilly (born 1817), father of Ida Jane (sometimes referred to as 'Violet') Lilly. As you can see, the children, Robert E. Lee Lilly, Ida Jane, etc., are not in the photo. It's a different set of children.

The two Andrews WERE related - uncle and nephew to each other - Wilson Lilly and Andrew Lewis Lilly (born 1817) were sons of Snakebite Lilly. Wilson had a son Andrew Lewis (born 1840) and this is his family photo.

Andrew Lewis Lilly (born 1817) married Sarah Mooney. They had 15 children: Hansford, John Simpson, Zelpha Arminta, Henry L, Sarah Anne Melissa, Joshua Wilson, Elizabeth A. M., Lewis William Dayton, Violet J.A. (my grandmother referred to her mother as Ida Jane Albatine), Roberta A (Bertie), Floyd Mennie, Rufus P, Robert C. (Lee), Joseph A. and Daniel E.

Andrew Lewis Lilly (born 1840) married Elizabeth Holstein. They had 12 children:
Wilton Wert, Laura C, Ezra Couch, Jeanette Lurenie, David H., Estel K., Gaston Carper, Celia D., Terry D, Cora Electra, Ocia A., Daniel Everett

(In the photo above. Left to Right starting at the top: Terry, Wilton Wert, Estel?, Gaston Carper, David H., Ezra Couch. Middle: Celia, Andrew Lewis, wife Elizabeth, Jeanette Lurenie,
bottom: Daniel Everett, and Ocia. Two of the children, Laura and Cora, had died before this photo was taken).

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