Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cemeteries, Part Three (Ellison Ridge Continued)

Cemeteries on Hatcher's Bench Rd. (16/2), Wallis Property sites
The following information may be helpful to anyone researching their family genealogy from Summers Co. I did not notate all the tombs. I may do that later.

Hatcher's Bench Road (located on hill above white building):
Toye Richmond 1916-1993
Zella Houchins 1896
J. Willis Lilly
Randy Yancey 1960-93
Samuel Bragg 1890-80
Carlos Ray Basham
Albert Preston Basham (son of Aiden Basham)
Cora Cook Basham
Carl Dean Basham
Boyd Cook 1924-1973
Joe Cook
Floyd Cook
Dot and Don Frye
Meadows 1876-1987
Children of John A. Lilly (James Lilly)

Wallis Property (1): Go about a mile up the mountain on Hatchers Bench, pass the Wallis home. Once you pass the grain silo, you will see a gentle hill to your left. There is an untended cemetery about 500 ft from the road:

Joseph Lilly 1888-1951
John F Lilly 1849-1935
Virginia Lilly 1850-1919
George Johnston 1874-1905
Jeanette and James Johnston

Wallis Property (2): Continue out the dirt road, passing through several gates. You come to an open field. To the right you will see a small cluster of trees in the middle of the hay field under an old locus and wild cherry:

Virginia Harvey (wife of D.H. Harvey) 1889-1904
Jonathan Harvey 1841-1914 (a grandson of Joshua Harvey)
J. Calvin Harvey 1818-1914 (a brother to Elizabeth Bell Harvey)
Nannie Ann Lilly 1876-1953
Mildred Lilly
William Stonewall Jackson Lilly
Mason Lilly is probably buried here however at the time the weeds made it difficult to identify all.


  1. My gggrandfather, Joshua C. Harvey is buried on Ellison Ridge. His daughter married Wm. Stonewall Jackson Lilly.

  2. A couple questions:
    My grandfather was Jesse Harvey. His mother was Nannie Harvey (Lilly), but his father has remained a mystery. My grandfather wrote that Nannie "divorced" a Giles (Jiles) Harvey. Another source, although not confirmed, said his last name may have been Henderson. Any info would be helpful. I understand that Wayne Harvey is a good source...do you know him?
    Mason and Opal Lilly were his half brothers.
    Also, do you know if there is proof that Joshua Calvin Harvey's parents were Nicholas Harvey and Sarah Snidow.
    Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Could it be Henderson B. Gore and Nannie S Lilly m: in 1897?

    As for the Harveys...According to Vernon Pack, Joshua Calvin Harvey was the son of Michael Harvey who was the son of Nicholas Harvey/Sarah Snidow

  4. Thanks for your response,
    My grandfather was born in 1896, but his mother before marriage would have still been known as Nancy Anne (Nannie) Harvey. She became a Lilly with her second marriage to Wm. Stonewall Jackson Lilly.
    Is there more info for Michael Harvey; such as birth and marriage dates, wifes name and where born?
    At some time, I will need to come down and search the local records and, perhaps, get to meet you.

  5. J.R., take a look at the birth information on WV Archive Online. It shows birth for Jesse, July 21, 1895. Also, no father is cited and there are some very interesting corrections to the record.

    There are two records for a Nannie Harvey marrying a Samuel Preston Crotty in 1880, could that be him?

    Go to WV Archive online, on the main page look for "Explore Archives and History" toward the bottom of the page and click on births, deaths and marriages database.


  6. Brian and J.R., Nancy Ann Harvey may have had several children out of wedlock prior to her marriage to WSJ Lilly. She is listed as 22 and single in her parents house in 1900. Jesse is listed as a son of Josiah, making him the brother of Nancy. This does not agree with his birth record. As the father's name is blank, Nancy probably was not married. Jesse is also listed as the half brother of Opal Scott Lilly and Opal was born in 1902. 2 years prior to Nancy's marriage to WSJ Lilly. Cousin Bob - Lilly researcher.