Tuesday, July 14, 2015

60th Va. Infantry Command

Keep in mind that the command structure changed over the course of the war.  At the beginning of the Seven Days Battles of Richmond in 1862, the command was the following (in descending order of rank):

Gen. James Longstreet

Maj. General Ambrose P. Hill - his light division (which included men from the 60th Va. Infantry - among many other divisions - totaled roughly 14,000 men at the time of the Seven Days Battles).

Brig. General Charles W. Field -"Field's Brigade". During the Seven Days Battles this included roughly 1,500 men.  This included: the 60th, 55th, 47th, and 40th Va. Infantries.

Col. William E. Starke (commanding officer of the 60th Va. Infantry).

Lt. Col. B. H. Jones.

Maj. John C. Summers.

White Ryan, Cpt. of Company I,  aka "Mercer Mountain Rangers"

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  1. Capt. Ryan White is buried in the Deed's Cemetery where my grandfather, Charles Wilson Pack is buried. It's located in Jumping Branch, near my grandpa's old store, and across the street from his home. Teri Pack Harvey