Sunday, December 9, 2012

Notes from Holiday Conversation

This is an extension of my conversation with Vernon about the Holidays (*see the previous post for stories about Christmas time in Streeter!)   These topics are not related to Christmas, so I broke them off into a separate post.

Vernon:  ...I'd use a ball for playing jacks.  That was a game I played a lot and hop scotch at school.  Rarely did we play ball at school.  Only one teacher let us play softball and that was Audrey Lilly.  He bought the bat and ball.  He wanted a different kind of atmosphere  at school.

           We had field day at the end of school.  We were to practice for sack races, overhead relays (like volleyball), stick relays.... We won every game at Jumping Branch (where all the schools met for field day).    We took home about every 1st Place prize.  Audrey Lilly knew all the techniques necessary for us to win.
        A little later we talked about the structure of a school house...

          They had a recitation bench - the teacher would call forward each grade, "2nd grade for math", etc.  To the recitation bench.  We had debates.  Bum Pack (one of their teachers) loved debating - he also liked spelling bee's.  He would often say, "learn your lesson well, before you have to spell."

         One time I was asked to spell picnic, but I spelled it "p-i-c-k-n-i-c-k".  I was upset that I had misspelled it ... made fun of me and would ask, "are you going on a p-i-c-k-n-i-c-k today?"  

        ...I'm a good speller to this day.

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