Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hatcher Family

  There are several families that lived in and around Streeter that I have little information on.  The Hatcher Family is one.

   There is a website: Hatcher Family Genealogy Association.  A cursory glance didn't bring up much regarding the Hatchers of Southern WV - to be fair I looked up the few names I know.  Nevertheless, it contains a wealth of information about the origins of and connections to Hatchers who moved west.

   Charles Silas Hatcher was the son of John Edward Charles Lewis Hatcher (a sometime justice of the peace).  He wrote one of the books I referenced for some of my early research.

     His father was highly regarded in the Jumping Branch area.  He was interviewed by the Charleston Daily Mail in 1929 and this article is referenced in the Hatcher Association website.  If interested in the article (or the website), follow the link below...

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