Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adkins of Streeter (updated)

  -- sources: U.S. Census records, WV Archive Online, and VA Library

According to the U.S. Census, between 1880 and 1920 there were roughly 977 to 1,955 Adkins families with the highest concentrations in WV and Kentucky.  Compare that to the Lilly family (354-705) and you can see why there are so many Adkins - arguably more than the Lilly troupe.

    An Adkins who surfaces in WV is Lewis Adkins (also Moses in Greenbrier Co) - per a Revolution War bounty in the early 1800's.  Lewis received land at the mouth of Indian Creek (next to Farley*).  Whether he is the progenitor of Adkins in WV today I don't know and hopefully someone can provide the information.

   As for those that lived in Streeter...

   Basil Green Adkins (born 1895) was a sometime teacher at the Streeter school and so was his father Nelson. According to Vernon, they would swap out to teach.  Basil was married to Persie Oakes.  They had the following children: Luther C., Claron, Velmer, Clyde, Basil Green Jr.

   Nelson Calloway Adkins abt. 1867 - 1944 was married to Emma R. Harvey (the daughter of A.B. Harvey and Mary Ann Ellison.  She was born in Flatwoods).

   Nelson was the son of Matthew B. Adkins and Ceclia A. Harvey (per their marriage license they were both born in Raleigh County).  Matthew B. was the son of Matthew and Elizabeth Adkins.  Ceclia Harvey was the daughter of Michael and Nancy T. Harvey.

*I have written about the Farley family in earlier posts.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jim Pack

   Jim Pack passed away Monday, Sept. 10.  He was the son of Pearl and Ruby Pack.
Jim was born at Streeter.   There is a full obit in the Register Herald.