Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bluestone Cemetery Relocations

Sorry for my long absence. I've been busy taking some courses and haven't had much free time.
I have neglected to post the Bluestone Cemetery Relocation list which lists the graves relocated for the construction of the Bluestone Dam in Summers County. As noted on the sheets, this encompasses the "Lilly Cemetery" in the village of Lilly. Which, by the way, does still exist (the village). Some have suggested that the village is under water. This is not really true. Some of the area was inundated, but most of the land was purchased by the Corps of Engineers. So, you can still go today to find the village; albeit, it is off the beaten path for anyone not familiar with the area (and there is not much to see). But, locals can point you in the right direction.

Hope you find this helpful. Remember to use the list of sources I have included (to the right on the page) for other information.

Also, keep in mind that when you go to the Lilly/Crews Cemetery to find the relocated graves many of the tombs are illegible. Yes, this is frustrating. According to random sources, the Corp could not identify many of the tombs. This is not unusual. Unfortunately, many of our ancestors made crude tombstones that could not withstand time.

Be sure and follow the "Reinterment Site list" on the right of the lists to determine which cemetery. Not all ended up at the Lilly/Crews Cemetery.

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